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I have been ordering Jewlry from this company for years...

They offer some of the best prices i have ever seen.

The diamonds were real (i took a few items over a few years to get appraised), looked great and great settings.

I personally never wear jewlry (male - except for my new wedding ring - not from myjewlrybox - they had few male rings that appealed to my tastes), but i have given rings, earrings, necklaces and a braclet to my girlfriend of 9.5 years and wife of 2 months - I am that awesome :) (for her to wait that long i mean).

I liked their products so much, i bought my engagement and wedding ring from them. 1.5 karrot ring and .5 karrot for the wedding band. quality SI - the one above middle on the scale of 5. no colour distorations.

To this day, my wife gets comments on how awesome her ring is, and that no one has seen the like before - it is a 3 stone setting with diamond chips along the sides. the sides split (to create a Y look) just before the 3 stone setting. middle stone is set higher and a bit larger than the 2 sides. even with the protruding top, it never gets caught because of the perfect setting (front is flat - ish) it shines and sparkles like no other ring i have seen before. moreso than my cousin's ring that is a family heirloom (single diamond - 1 karrot - it is a monster and gets caught on everything).

I just tried to buy our 1st year anniversary ring (in advance) - only to find out that they have closed. I am thouroughly disappointed about this.

Also, with myself for not supplying a great review for each product i received.

Note, that EVERY ORDER, i used, i got the advanced postal service (I live in CAnada) - never the lowest - who whould when ordering jewlry? common sense people - really. I would not trust a minimum wage postal guy with a diamond ring...

I am trying to remember what the shipping packaging looked like - i think it was discreet, but maybe had a logo on it or something.

Anyways, i received everything i ordered - on time - and in good order.

because it is (was) an online jewler, i took the first few big purchases (+$500 per item) and took them to my local (trustworthy) jewler and got them appraised. i had to pay for the appraisals (10% of cost of each [not including discounts] - but worth every penny-even though the penny is discontinued in Canada :) ).

I know this is a lengthy review, but i am doing so to make up for the reviews i should have sent earlier. :(

I am guessing that because they were an online jewler, people can easily take advantage and say they did not receive anything in the hopes of getting a second. these people are f'ing bastards, and because of you, i am no longer able to get high quality jewlry for great prices (definately not overpriced by any means.)

Unfortunately, my wife is not a photographer, and her picture does not do the jewlry justice. The Necklace is 8.5 years old, the earrings are 4.5 years old and the rings are 9 months old - ish. All of which has been worn full time since received and have never been cleaned - the necklace looks like it could use one.

I do not keep physical receipts, but i do have the online receipts if they are required. I also have the formal document (not sure what it is called at the moment - i am working ;) ) of the engagement & wedding ring - which is accurate. I opted out of the additional appraisal by my local jewler due to the awesome reviews given to me by my wife and moreso by everyone else who has seen it and in addition to the past true and accurate appraisals. That, and i did not want to pay an additional $200-$500 on top of the ring... weddings are expensive enough.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE THOUROUGHLY APPLY TO ME, although, i have not had need of any warranty and nor do i expect i will..

I didn't like: That this site was shut down.

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I'm very disappointed that this company has been shut down. I just got married last December and my husband ordered my beautiful engagement ring from My Jewelery Box.

It was the most beautiful set....a princess cut diamond with diamonds on the band and a diamond wedding band to match. I receive compliments all the time on my rings.

The service was wonderful, delivery was fast and it arrived in a gorgeous box. I'm very sad they have shut down :(

to Anonymous #1061529

Do you know what year they closed?


Same comments here. Never had a issue

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